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Version 4.6
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Version History

Version Update Information Date
4.6 Audio support. Import/export cameras. New languages. 01/03/2023
4.5 New IP cameras support. Major bugs fixed. 12/06/2022
4.4 PTZ Control. 06/09/2021
4.3 Video Effects Editor. 12/29/2020
4.2 Privacy mask tool. User accounts. 12/11/2018
4.0 New IP cameras, new languages. Improvements in recording engine and settings. 09/18/2018
3.9 Internal Changes. 07/17/2018
3.7 Masking tool is added. Faster connection of cameras. 06/28/2017
3.6 New ways to discover your cameras in the network. ONVIF support. 04/22/2017
3.5 Wizard is now used to help you to setup new cameras in Security Eye 02/27/2017
3.4 Security Eye can be easily rebranded now! RTSP protocol for IP cameras is supported now. 02/11/2017
3.3 Added support for hundreds of new models of IP cameras. 01/10/2017
3.2 Added Web Access function. You can view your cameras from any place of the world now - just in the browser.
Minor updates in the motion detecting engine.
3.0 Added remote control with SMS commands! You can start/stop monitoring and send other commands to the program directly from your cell phone! 11/20/2016
2.9 Added support for new IP cameras.
Minor updates in video recording function.
2.5 Added timers for starting video monitoring and recording.
New delivery method for alarms: via SMS! You can receive notifications directly on your cell phone now!
2.1 Integrated Multimedia Player for watching recorded videos and snapshots.
Minor updates in decoding engine.
Updates in alarm functionality.
2.0 Added Motion Detecting engine.
Added options of video recording on motion detection event. Added scheduler options for monitoring.
1.8 Added support for hundreds models of IP cameras.
Added scheduler options for video recording. Updates in encoding mechanism.
1.4 Fixed major bugs.
Added a Video recording function.
1.0 Initials release. 05/21/2016

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