Start and Stop

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Start and Stop

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To start recording with the camera manually, select the camera in the grid, and click "Start Recording" button, which is located on the toolbar:


The recording will begin instantly. All recorded video and images are stored in a specified folder on your computer. The path to the folder can be customized. To do this, click the "General Settings" button on the toolbar:

CSECUR~1_img8 and then - at the button "...", located near the text field :



Similarly, you need to click the same button again to stop recording:


The recording will be stopped on selected camera.  Look at the Messages (the bottom part of the main window).  Кecorded video files are shown as links. So you don't need to spend time by searching recorded video in the list of hundreds of video files. Just click on the link - and the video will open the built-in Media Player