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You are using a  video security and surveillance software. It turns your computer into powerful security system.  With it you will always know what's going on in your office, store, or home.  Features include video recording, motion detection, motion processing, snapshot capture, scheduling, sms and email alerts.

It is very easy to use, the configuration takes only a few minutes, even for a novice.  The program works with Webcams and  IP cameras. More than 1000 different IP camera models and virtually all Webcams are supported.

Main features of the program:

home/business monitoring. Display video from several cameras (up to 64)

Support of IP cameras, webcams. Automatic configuration.

Remote monitoring with IP cameras or local monitoring with webcam.

PTZ Control.

Video recording. You will see what's going on in your office/show/home when you are away.

Movement detection. Configuration of sensitivity of detector.

Detection masking. Set areas on which program ignores the movements.

Privacy masking. Set invisible areas. May be required by law in some countries.

Record video and snapshots when motion is detected

Activation of the siren when motion is detected

Send sms and email notifications with attached snapshots.

Monitoring and video recording scheduler. Setting period of the day when the detector or video recorder should be enabled.

Handy media player. You can watch video recordings and snapshots, filter files by date, time and camera.

Connect to the program via browser, through local network or Internet. You will be able to watch live video from cameras from any place of the world, using any device.

You can control the program with SMS-Commands. Simply send your command to special mobile phone number to activate/stop monitoring, check status etc.

Multiple user accounts. Admin and standart accounts.

Program can work in background.