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The software can be used for remote monitoring, or the local one.

Remote monitoring means installing software on  computer, which  is located away from the place you want to monitor. In this case, you need an IP camera in a "target place", and this camera will be used by the program through the Internet. For example, there is an IP Camera in your office/store. You, as the boss, want to be able to monitor your office/store from home. To do this you need to install the program on your home computer, and to add the parameters of IP camera to the program. So at first you can see what is going on in the office during the day and at night. Secondly, if the motion is detected at night, the program can wake up you with a siren.

The second method is an installation directly to computer on the place you want to monitor. The computer should be connected to a web camera, or it can use an IP camera. The program will monitor the place, and in the case of motion detection, it will send you a notification by mail. Email can contain pictures taken from the web camera. Thus, you will know what's happened, and you will be able to view the snapshots to ensure that there are intruders in your shop/home. After that you can take care about that. You can also configure the program to enable a siren, which should scare off intruders.

If you install the program for local usage, we recommend that you also install some third-party cloud service. You could use the cloud folder to store recorded videos. Thus, you will always have the evidence of accidents, accessible from anywhere. Even if intruders damage the computer where the program is installed.

WARNING! When installing the program you will be prompted to install the DivX codec required for proper video recording. Confirm the installation!