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Make your own Video Surveillance
Software in 5 minutes! For free!
Custom title, links, icon. Sell it with ease!


How it works?

We give you the right to rebrand, distribute, and sell rebranded version of Security Eye. With our free utility you can build customized version of video surveillance software in minutes. It will have functionality of Security Eye, but your custom title, company name, website URLs, order link, an icon, and a support email. Look at screenshot - it's so easy:

We are looking for partners – security camera installers, security system engineers, security eqipment manufacturers, telecommunications providers, dealers and resellers.

Advantages of our reseller program:

 We will take just only $10 from every order you generate.

 You can set your own price. For example, if your price is $89.95, You will earn $80 from each license sold!

 You don't need to register as affiliate;

 Use your usual way to accept orders. No need to use a new payment gateway;

 You can provide a free trial version for your customers, so they can try the software before to buy it;

 No mention of Security Eye in your software. All captions, texts, links are 100% customizable.

As a software seller, you will need to provide unique license keys to your customers. A key is required for customer to unlock the full functionality of application.
You must buy license keys from us. The price of each license key is only $10.
After your order, you will receive the list of new, unique license keys. One key is for one customer. The license is checked on our server when the key is activated in program.

So what are you waiting for? Download free rebrand utility, and make your own video surveillance software in 5 minutes!

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