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Make your own Video Surveillance
Software in 5 minutes! For free!
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How it works?

We give you the right to rebrand, distribute, and sell rebranded version of Security Eye. With our free utility you can build customized version of video surveillance software in minutes. It will have functionality of Security Eye, but your own title, company name, website URLs, order link, an icon, and a support email.

Are you a seller or manufacturer of IP cameras? You can distribute and sell your own IP camera software to your customers! All you need is to create an Order page on your website, and specify it in the settings of Rebrander. Look at the second tab:

After that you have to generate a fixed license key required for users to unlock the full version of the software. You must keep that key in the safe place, and be ready to send it to your customers after they place the orders on your website.

So what is the benefit of our company?
In 50% cases (about 50% of installations of your software) the user will be sent to our order link , and in 50% cases - to your custom order page. This is determined randomly, at the time of every installation of the program. This allows us to make money too.

Install your rebranded software several times to better understand how the order link is changing. You will see how easy and effective this method is!

Advantages of our reseller program:

 You make money on 50% of all orders;

 You don't need to register as affiliate;

 Use your usual way to accept orders. No need to use a new payment gateway;

 You can provide a free trial version for your customers, so they can try the software before to buy it;

 No mention of Security Eye in your software. All captions, texts, links are 100% customizable.

 You have all rights on renranded software. Sell it where you want and how you want!

No other company provides such kind of rebranding tool. Take advantage of this!
Download rebrand utility, and make your own video surveillance software in 5 minutes!

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